Mental Health Corporate Program

What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and why your company needs one?

An EAP can help businesses, managers, their employees, and their families with a variety of issues in and out of the workplace, including mental health services and employee assistance with personal, family, and work issues.

Since the year 2020 social isolation has become a high health risk. The World Health Organization has warned us of many potential mental health challenges during and long after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The isolation puts at high risk:

  • employees struggling with preexisting emotional issues, anxiety, depression, or eating disorders;
  • parents who must educate their children and teenagers at home;
  • families experiencing financial insecurity and many others in a new even more stressful situation.

What are the benefits of contracting a psychotherapist to develop a mental health EAP for your company?

  • Prevention of mental health issues. In times of social isolation, multiple emotional issues might emerge, and specialized counseling sessions are therapeutic and preventive.
  • Objective point of view. It is beneficial to bring outsider’s look at the processes, conflicts, and purely personal challenges. This also removes the fear of gossip or potential conflict of interest.
  • Specialized help. HR specialists are often unprepared for the vast diversity of personal issues that a psychotherapist deals with daily. Effective counseling requires at least six additional years of personal and professional development after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology. A professional psychotherapist can bring all this experience and knowledge to your company.
  • Emotional balance is crucial for job satisfaction and better results.
  • Providing counseling sessions sends the message that the company cares for its employees.

Why contract Dr. Mila Petkova’s services?

  • A unique combination of 14 years of formal training and therapeutic practice in addition to 8 years of corporate experience and 6 years of private practice as an online counselor.
  • I am a licensed psychotherapist with a Ph.D. in psychoanalysis, I specialize in the treatment of anxiety, panic attacks, burnout, addictions, difficulty socializing, working under pressure, etc.
  • I work in 3 languages – English, Spanish, and Bulgarian.
  • I  have access to professionals who can provide counseling in other languages as well as professionals specialized in family therapy, psychiatry, art therapy, mindful training, fitness, and nutrition.
  • My active collaboration with international psychotherapeutic organizations and my understanding of the underlying dynamics in the emotional and professional life make me the perfect expert who you can trust to develop your company’s mental health program.


You can find more detailed information about my professional development and qualifications in my BIO or on my LINKEDIN profile.

Contact me by e-mail to schedule a meeting where we can discuss in detail your employees’ needs.

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