Clinical Intervision and Supervision

Since the fall of 2019, I organize virtual intervision groups for location-independent psychotherapists. Inspired by their success and the wonderful collaboration among colleagues, I’ve decided to organize more groups for mutual support and knowledge exchange, open to anyone actively working in the field of mental health. Every month, there are two meetings for casework and discussion – one dedicated to interdisciplinary psychotherapeutic approaches and one to psychoanalysis.

At each meeting, two therapists present their cases and discuss problem areas in which they seek help. The meetings follow three steps:

  1. One therapist presents a case.
  2. We discuss the difficulties that he/she has in relation to the client’s treatment.
  3. Everyone asks questions to get to a full understanding of the issue and suggests what the presenter can try or steps they have taken when encountering similar issues in their own practice.

The meetings are virtual and open to colleagues around the world.

The participation fee is 500 euro per year for both intervention groups or 380 for one of them.

If you are a colleague working online or in a traditional clinical practice, you can join an intervision group of your choice by sending me a message presenting yourself and your practice at

One to One Supervision

I also offer one on one supervision sessions for life and business coaches, HR professionals, and psychologists interested in alternative professional perspectives. It is always beneficial to take a step back and present your client’s case for an intellectual discussion in a relaxed and safe environment.

HR professionals might also be interested in my mental health corporate program.

Contact me for more information!

What Others Say About My Supervision Groups


Romina Reginold – Swiss Psychologist and Psychotherapist

I really appreciate the appreciative and supportive atmosphere in Mila’s supervision group. Through the different experiences of the individual therapists, it has always helped me to get a new perspective or input for my problem. Mila’s professional guidance helped to structure the conversation well and not to lose sight of the essential.
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Ursula Schiller – German Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst

I really enjoy the supervision group calls and definitely recommend Mila. At the beginning of each meeting she always makes sure that the ones who have an urgent case can go first and that there is enough time for everybody’s topics. The atmosphere is very relaxed and it feels like teamwork. One presents a case with or without a specific question and everybody can bring his/her knowledge in. Mila brings in her extensive knowledge in psychoanalysis and also shares what she would do. In her supervision group no question is to simple to be asked and no feeling impossible to be discussed. In short, I highly recommend working with her.


Carolina Díaz – Mexican Psychologist, Psychoanalytic psychotherapist

Supervision and intervision groups are an important component of the professional development of any psychotherapist. Mila offers a space to review, reflect, and ask about cases while creating an atmosphere of cooperation and support. The meetings are organized, empathetic, and overall a great experience to learn and share about what happens in private practice.

I fully recommend working with Mila to anyone that’s looking for thoughtful recommendations, new perspectives on their cases, and a space to build a reflective practice.