Mila Petkova Ph.D. – psychotherapist and online counselor


In my private practice, I inform and inspire people to take action with their lives.

I’m a psychotherapist practicing online in Bulgarian, English, and Spanish with clients around the globe.

My professional focus includes treating anxiety, panic attacks, and body image issues, as well as supporting patients who have overcome excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs in the past and want to continue their psychotherapeutic journey online. In my practice, we can address socialization challenges, career pressure, burnout, and relationship difficulties. Together, we’ll be navigating the intersection of psychology, lifestyle, and personal growth, shaping a future where mental health is a priority.

Allow me to share a few words about myself! My journey began as a clinical social worker, navigating projects in social services, and education. After obtaining a Ph.D. in psychoanalysis, I continued my therapy training in the Clinical Section in Barcelona and later specialized in neuropsychoanalytic research and applied techniques.

With a background in the IT sector, I’ve blended advancements in technology and neuroscience into my therapeutic approach. I am also actively collaborating with IT companies, delivering talks and counseling on mental health and wellbeing.

You can contact me via e-mail: dr.mila.petkova @, or find me on Facebook.

More information about my professional path and qualifications can be found on my LinkedIn profile or in my BIO.

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Psychotherapy and stress at the workplace

Fear, phobia, and anxiety

Alcoholism, drug addiction, and problematic consumption

Sadness, depression, and thoughts of self-harm

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Psychoanalysis as a therapeutic method

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