Mila Petkova Ph.D.

Psychoanalyst, trainer, founder, author, and editor of and

With my articles and in my private practice I inform and inspire people to take action with their lives.

14 Years Formal Training

I started my career as a clinical social worker. I have also developed EU projects in the social sphere, educations, and trainings. In 2009 I graduated from Sofia University with a degree in Clinical Social Work which included numerous supervised practical trainings in the local social services, the national psychiatric hospital St. Naum, the hospital for addiction treatment in Suhodol, and other institutions.

After obtaining my master’s degree in Madrid, in February 2016 I also defended my Ph.D. dissertation in Psychoanalysis and Cultural Philosophy at University Complutense. I received an excellent grade for my dissertation dedicated to the female body image.

To further enhance my educational background, I participated in four-year education in the Clinical Section Freudian Field in Barcelona organized by the World Association of Psychoanalysis. In 2020, I completed specialist training, based in neuropsychoanalytic knowledge, a discipline that links analytical with neuroscientific knowege. I apply the psychoanalytical theory in my counseling practice since 2014.

Corporate and Mentoring Experience

Since 2018 in addition to my counseling practice, I give psychology and mental health classes to school teachers from all European countries in the Barcelona branch of Europass International Teacher Academy – Florence.

I have also worked for almost a decade in the IT sector where I found inspiration to start my own virtual private practice and became location independent. My main professional interests include incorporating the advances in neuroscience and modern technologies in the therapeutic process-oriented to psychoanalysis.

Since 2019 I work with companies and organizations in the IT sector delivering talks and trainings on topics related to mental health and wellbeing. I have developed my own 5 step Mental Health Corporate program.

Clinical Interests

I specialize in treating general anxiety, panic attacks, and body image issues. I also accompany patients who have overcome excessive consumption of alcohol, drugs, or have suffered from eating disorders in the past. I work with clients who have problems socializing, working under pressure, or finding a life partner due to these issues above and many others.

My counseling practice is located in Barcelona Spain, but you can CONTACT ME from any place around the world.

Links of interest:

Ph.D. dissertation – summary in the Spanish Ministry of Education website

Membership in Bulgarian Association for Psychotherapy, approved by the standards of EAP (European Association for Psychotherapy)

Listed in the public register of psychologists of Bulgarian Psychological Society, member of EFPA (European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations)

Clinical fellow of NPSA (The International Neuropsychoanalysis Society) and the international organization of Location Independent Therapists

My talk “DEBUGGING PEOPLE” at HackConf 2019

GOOGLE SCHOLAR account – peer-reviewed publications

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