Who can benefit from online counseling?

  • Anyone working in a stressful environment;
  • Anyone who would like to improve crucial details of his/her life, such as communication with family members, abilities to get over loss and separation, strategies to cope with work issues and relationship problems, etc. ;
  • Anyone who suffers from general anxiety, social anxiety, body image issues, etc.;
  • People who have suffered from excessive alcohol or drug consumption/abuse in the past, but still need someone to accompany them trough the difficulties of their recovering process in a long term;
  • Family members of people with such issues;
  • Anyone who travels a lot or moves frequently from one city/country to another for work or leisure;
  • Anyone who finds it difficult to dedicate more time for him/herself because of his/her busy schedule;
  • Anyone who wants to remain completely anonymous

Who can’t benefit from them?

  • People with severe clinical psychological conditions;
  • People who believe that meetings that are not held in person, lack intimacy and are ineffective;
  • People who are uncomfortable communicating via means of technology.